Mystery Shopping

"Objective Perceptions provides a proven Mystery Shopping Program to help hospitality businesses be the best they can in today's competitive environment."

The Benefits

‘Over 70% of buying experiences are judged on how the customer feels they are being treated’ – McKinsey

There is an increasing understanding in the Australian hospitality industry that a customer perception program assists to provide in depth views of the customer experience and can deliver a strong return on investment for businesses.

A professionally executed customer perception program is a powerful training and observation tool for both managers and staff alike. It provides an unbiased, objective observation of your businesses’ service and offer.

To facilitate an increase in profit, we focus on your brand objectives and align the customer perception program to these key objectives. This will enable you to achieve an increase in your average transactional value and engender customer loyalty.

Implementing a customer perception program helps to gain a clear understanding that all the right elements for success are consistently in place for your business.

Your Return on Investment

Many of Objective Perception’s clients continue to demonstrate a high return on investment (ROI) from undertaking our customer perception programs. Their businesses have been able to detect a direct correlation between their expenditure on our customer perception programs and profit increase.

Our long term partners realise the value a professionally executed customer perception program is to their business’s bottom line. They continue to employ Objective Perceptions, incorporating the investment into their annual budgets as an important means of achieving their financial goals.

Our clients have seen an increase in the following key areas after undertaking our programs;

• Increase in overall number of customers
• Increase in return customers, customer loyalty and referral rates
• Growth on average spend per head
• Improvement in staff morale and culture of business
• Overall profit increase

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