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"Objective Perceptions provides a proven Mystery Shopping Program to help hospitality businesses be the best they can in today's competitive environment."

Objective Perception’s team comprises of 300 surveyors in Melbourne, 120 in Sydney and growing teams in Brisbane and Geelong. Our surveyor recruiting process is stringent and multi staged.

First and foremost we rigorously screen candidates to ensure they understand the importance selling plays in the service environment, and that they are focused on the holistic consumer experience in their role as an Objective Perception surveyor. Only when we are satisfied the candidate is dedicated and possesses a professional approach to achieve the best outcomes in their role as a surveyor they progress to the next stage.

This stage requires them to complete an in-depth application form.On successful completion of the application form, the potential surveyor undertakes a series of intensive training sessions. Before they begin surveying they have provided at least eight hours of their own time and completely understand the saying “there is no such thing as a free lunch”!.

Objective Perception’s surveyors are specifically trained for surveying the hospitality industry; therefore they possess a sound understanding and knowledge of all aspects of food, service and beverage offerings and are taught to identify qualities and signs in each assignment undertaken.
Our surveyors know how to be discreet and engage with staff and provide objective feedback to ensure best outcomes.

They understand the different levels of service and product across the broad spectrum of hospitality venues and dine out at least twice a week.

The ages of our surveyors are broad, from 21 to 70 years across both genders which enables us to provide the perfect demographic surveyor fit for the venue’s target market.

To obtain a benchmark we recommend conducting a minimum of six to eight surveys over a two week period. Our program is conducted across all service periods, mid week and on weekends. Once the initial program has taken place, Objective Perceptions suggests undertaking one survey per fortnight on an on-going basis. This approach will communicate regular, up to date feedback and provide you with a clear indication as to how the business is being perceived and its performance over an extended period of time.
Alternatively, we are happy to discuss your budget and training requirements and customise a program that meets your business needs.
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"We are a surveying program designed exclusively for the hospitality industry to measure the perception and experiences of customers."

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