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"Objective Perceptions provides a proven Mystery Shopping Program to help hospitality businesses be the best they can in today's competitive environment."

 About Our Program

The customer perception program is an objective system of measuring the performance of a diverse range of businesses within the Australian hospitality industry.

The program involves a number of trained surveyors anonymously visiting your venue, to assess your business’ service.  Surveyors complete a detailed survey customised to your requirements.

With over 20 years experience in the hospitality industry, we understand the differences in venues and have customised surveys to suit a wide range of businesses which address their service and offer accordingly.

Our surveys enable you to obtain a detailed assessment of the standards of your business and staff performance.  They will also assist you to understand your business strengths, identify areas requiring improvement and communicate the overall customer experience at your venue.

We offer two types of surveys:

Detailed survey

We offer a detailed, full survey which addresses approximately 140 measures across all touch points of the business including;

Objective Perceptions then analyse the surveys and within five days from the surveyors’ visit to your venue we provide you with a comprehensive, 12 to 14 page report.

Included in our reports are detailed, useful and informative comments which highlight areas for improvement, at the same time identifying any aspects which may require immediate action. We also provide benchmarks and feedback on whether guests are likely to return – all graphically presented to provide a snap shot of the results.

Overview survey

For those businesses that only require an overview of how their staff and product offer is perceived, Objective Perceptions offers a less detailed survey option which addresses approximately 50 measures across the following areas of the business;

Analysis of the surveys is undertaken and within three days from the visit we provide you with a five to six page report of top line results.

Specialised Consulting Services

Objective Perceptions also provides consulting services to address feedback and opportunities for areas of improvement detailed in our customer perception reports to venues.

We offer follow up sessions with senior staff to help them obtain maximum results from the feedback provided and we are happy to facilitate introductions to companies who provide in-house training and external management training from our extensive network of expert industry partners.


We strongly believe that a customer perception program will only be successful if the business’s key stakeholders agree there is a requirement to improve areas of service and product offer. It is of paramount importance to understand that improvements can not be achieved unless quality monitoring and control is consistently and frequently implemented.
If management focuses and places a high level of importance on quality within the business, this will result in staff members also doing so.



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"We are a surveying program designed exclusively for the hospitality industry to measure the perception and experiences of customers."

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"The survey results allow the client to continuously improve their staff and ultimately grow their business."


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