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At Objective Perceptions, we specialise in mystery dining, where our experienced and trained mystery diners visit various restaurants to provide valuable feedback. Mystery Diners enjoy diverse dining experiences and receive full meal reimbursement upon survey completion. Come and join us today to experience the best of the culinary world.


Love good food and providing feedback?

Uncover the culinary secrets of  your city

Objective Perceptions offers everyday individuals a unique opportunity to discover the diverse culinary scene and indulge in a variety of dining experiences - all while providing valuable feedback to restaurants to improve their customer experiences.  

What is a Mystery Diner?

At Objective Perceptions, our passionate team of Mystery Diners are our secret weapon and the heart of our company. Mystery Diners visit restaurants anonymously, evaluating everything from the food quality and ambience, to the attentiveness of the staff. Diners then complete a detailed survey with over 150 customer touch points and receive full meal reimbursement upon survey completion. 

Who are our Mystery Diners?

Our Mystery Diners are everyday people, just like you, who all share a common love for good food and attentive service. As an Objective Perception's Mystery Diner, you'll enjoy exclusive dining experiences at a variety of restaurants – from trendy cafes and casual eateries to upscale banquets and fine dining establishments, in exchange for providing valuable, unbiased feedback to help restaurants improve.

Our Mystery Diners are typically working individuals who enjoy the occasional fun night out, while trying a new dining experience. Mystery dining assessments are flexible. You get to choose which assignments you want to go to, and the frequency. On average, most mystery diners conduct between 1-2 surveys a month or every few months, allowing you to explore new restaurants at your own pace.

What We Look For:
  • Food & service enthusiast: You appreciate good food, value attentive service and enjoy the full dining experience.
  • Flexible schedule: Conduct assessments around your busy life, typically once or twice per month, or every few months. 
  • Keen observer: You have a keen eye for detail, noticing everything from ambience to staff attentiveness, in order to provide insightful feedback. 
  • Discreet: Our Mystery Diners are detail oriented, observant and possess a talent for discreet note-taking. They relish working undercover, employing clever strategies to gather information without raising suspicion. 
  • Skilled reporter: You can deliver honest and objective feedback through excellent written communication skills. 
What to Expect:
  • Fun & engaging: Share the experience with a friend for a fun night out. 
  • Time commitment: Reports take roughly two hours, depending on the style of venue.
  • Technical requirements: Access to a computer with an internet connection is essential.
  • Age requirements: Must be 18 years or older.

Ready to Join?

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If your application is successful, we'll notify you to join the next available comprehensive training session and book you in to your first Mystery Dining experience. 

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